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Preventive care in Westbrook

Dental office Westbrook
Dental office Westbrook

Since the alternative to preventive care is to wait until problems develop and then scramble to address them while you experience discomfort and other unpleasant symptoms, we at Saybrook Family Dental Care place our vote squarely in favor of prevention as the best method for promoting and maintaining oral health. Along with proper nutrition and smart dental hygiene at home, a visit to our dental office Westbrook every six months is essential for obtaining optimal results.

Dental plaque is the filmy substance that is at the foundation of causing tooth decay and the cavities that result from it. In addition, it is the catalyst for gum disease. Over time, if plaque is not managed properly, cavities can grow large enough to put you at risk for a toothache or an infection, and the necessity for root canal or even an extraction. Regarding your gums, irritation and redness, signs of early stage gum disease (gingivitis) can give way to more severe symptoms, including receding gums, frequent bad breath, bleeding when you brush, erosion of gum and bone tissue, and even loose teeth. Plaque that is not effectively eliminated with brushing and flossing hardens into tartar. And to remove it, you need a teeth cleaning. Your twice-yearly examination at our dental office Westbrook includes a thorough cleaning, which is a cornerstone of good preventive care. There are two benefits of doing so. First, tartar buildup is eradicated along with any residual plaque, which is like getting to start all over again with a clean slate on your dental and periodontal wellness. Second, any indications of gingivitis are reversed with a teeth cleaning. Furthermore, with the help of x-rays, your examination will reveal any cavities so that they can be treated with fillings before they grow and lead to more alarming consequences.

Contact our dental office Westbrook today and let us schedule an appointment for you to come in and get your six month checkup and teeth cleaning.

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