Westbrook Dental Implants

Westbrook Dental Implants

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Saybrook Family Dental Care is your number one place for Westbrook dental implants. Our dental implants are done in a safe and relaxed environment for all of our patients. Implants are a new and unique way to replace teeth.

Saybrook Dental in Saybrook, CT is led by Dr. David J. Sliva, DMD. He specializes in a wide range of dentistry and is a graduate of UCONN School of Dental Medicine, going on to receive many awards for excellence and becoming a member of various dental societies. Our Westbrook dental implants are also done by Dr. Sliva. An implant is made from high quality titanium and used as a root to replace the natural root of a tooth. Implants are then surgically implanted and an artificial tooth can be placed on top of it months later. To avoid missing teeth, we have a solid preventive program for patients to follow. Our preventive program includes controlling harmful foods that can affect the teeth and employing proper daily brushing and flossing. Our state of the art offices are also equipped with the latest dental equipment and procedural methods. To learn more about the right practices for oral hygiene and to get on a good dental regimen going, call us today.

Patients can make appointments for their initial exam on our website and learn more about our services and Westbrook dental implants by calling or checking out our categories. We love for our patients to connect with us and tell us how they’re doing. Call one of our trained staff members too if you’re looking to ask questions or to find out more about our services. Each patient is treated individually and given the best treatment options available to them and their family. You’ll never be happier and you’ll thank us for your new implants and healthy teeth!

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