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It’s never a pleasant experience when you have a cavity and need to get a filling. Fortunately, cavities are preventable. Practicing good daily oral hygiene, seeing an experienced Westbrook dentist regularly for checkups and your hygienist for professional cleanings at Saybrook Family Dental Care, greatly decreases your chances of getting developing tooth decay and getting cavities.

A consistent, daily oral hygiene along with seeing our Westbrook dentist for regular dental checkups and professional cleanings is the key to cavity prevention. Tooth decay and cavities develop when bacteria builds up the mouth and develops into a sticky film. The substance is called plaque. When you brush your teeth, you rid of the plaque. However, when you don’t brush your teeth for a long period of time, the plaque hardens into tartar. Tartar cannot be removed with regular teeth-brushing. You have to see your hygienist to get the tartar removed during your professional cleaning. Your daily good oral hygiene practice is a great way to prevent tartar from forming and to rid of bacteria as well. By brushing your teeth twice daily along with flossing, you rid of the plaque before it has a chance to harden into tartar and bacteria that lead to tooth decay and cavities. There are other ways to help you to prevent cavities too. Diet also plays an important role in the development of cavities. Lessening or completely eliminating cavity causing, sugary and starchy foods from your diet. If you do get a cavity, it can be quite painful. Tooth pain is the most common symptom. You should see an experienced dentist at Saybrook Family Dental Care for an evaluation if you have any type of oral pain.

If you have tooth pain or think you might have a cavity, contact our Saybrook Family Dental Care right away. We’ll get you in to see our Westbrook dentist as soon as possible.

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